The Shelby City Health Department has provided public health services to the Shelby community since 1923. Established in the City Charter, the department provides public health services for residents and businesses within the city. The Mayor serves as head of the department and appoints a Medical Director/Health Commissioner and staff to carry out the department’s operations.

The health department works closely with partners across the community and region to provide a full range of public health services. Through direct delivery, partnerships, and agreements, residents and business have access to high-quality, responsive services right in the local community.

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To protect, promote, and improve the health of our citizens through integrated state, county, and community efforts.


These values represent our core beliefs as an organization and guide our actions. They are the center of each service we provide and every interaction with our community.

Create unique, non-traditional solutions to address public health needs in the community. 

Develop multi-agency partnerships across disciplines to identify needs and implement solutions to public health issues.

Provide services that realistically and actually address the public health concerns of the community and accept responsibility for program outcomes. 

Interact with the Shelby community and respond quickly and efficiently to community needs.

Provide exemplary service to residents that instill community pride and achieve wellness. 


To create a culture of health and wellness where Shelby residents can enjoy the many benefits of their community.