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Public Health Careers

For hundreds of years, people have been working to protect the public’s health. In its earliest form, public health included activities like teaching people about plants that are safe to eat, helping new mothers learn to care for their babies, and limiting the spread of disease by isolating sick people. Modern public health began in the early 20th and included activities such as immunizations, investigating disease outbreaks, protecting food sources, and maintaining birth and death records. Today, careers in public health range from nurses and health care providers to environmental health specialists, emergency preparedness coordinators, and much more.

In Shelby, health department employees carry out critical public health functions and improve health across the Shelby community.

Public Health Nurse

Public health nurses are licensed RNs who work to improve community health by providing vaccinations, documenting and investigating disease outbreaks, and educating the public on health and wellness.


A Sanitarian is licensed as a Registered Sanitarian (RS) or Sanitarian in Training (SIT), holds a Bachelor’s degree, and has a background in science. The role of a Sanitarian is to protect the community from environmental threats and hazards. Sanitarians enforce regulations and codes for restaurants and food service establishments, public swimming pools, campgrounds, body art and tattoo facilities, and more.

Current Positions

There are currently no job openings. Open positions will be posted here when available.