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Private Water Systems

A Private Water System is any water system, other than a public water supply system, for the provision of water for human consumption, if the system has fewer than 15 service connections and does not regularly serve an average of at least 25 people daily at least 6 days each year. A private water system includes water wells, cisterns, hauled water storage tanks, springs, and ponds.

The Shelby City Health Department regulates Private Water Systems in the City of Shelby. The rules and law governing Private Water Systems are set forth by Sections 3701.34, 3701.344-.347, 3701.57 of the Ohio Revised Code (ORC) and Section 3701-28 of the Ohio Administrative Code (OAC). Check out the rules online here.

A permit is required for all wells, ponds, cisterns, hauled water storage tank, and spring used for human consumption. Applications for a permit to install a private water system within the City of Shelby can be found on the Ohio Department of Health link above and mailed to the Shelby City Health Department. Applications must be completed by either the homeowner or a registered Private Water System contractor.

Permit process for a private water system:

  • Step 1. Submit the completed Permit/Application for a Private Water System with the fee to the Shelby City Health Department.  Once received, a Sanitarian will conduct a site inspection to ensure the requirements of the OAC 3701-28 will be met.  If all rule requirements are satisfied, the sanitarian will approve the permit.
  • Step 2. Often, the Private Water Systems contractor will take care of the permit paperwork for the homeowner.  If this is not the case, the person who obtains the permit must provide a copy of the processed application to the Private Water Systems Contractor that will do the work.
  • Step 3. The Contractor will install the Private Water System.
  • Step 4.  The contractor(s) must complete the completion form (and well log for wells) and submit a copy to the Shelby City Health Department.  If the pump is installed by the homeowner, the homeowner is responsible for submitting the pump completion form.
  • Step 5. The homeowner or representative must call the Shelby City Health Department to schedule a water sample. Please note: A satisfactory water sample must be obtained within one year of the completion of the system. If no water sample is obtained, the system will be disapproved.
  • Step 6. If the installation meets all requirements, all the paperwork is acceptable, and the water sample is negative for total coliform and the nitrate level is less than 10 ppm, then the private water system will be approved.

Alterations (repairs) and abandonment (sealing)

Private water system alterations and well sealing also require permits. Permits are required for, but not limited to, the following repairs:

  1. Addition of a disinfection or water conditioning device located prior to the pressure tank.
  2. Conversion of the well with a buried seal or well pit to a pit-less adapter, above grade installation.
  3. Extension or deepening of the well or casing.
  4. Replacement of any well wall or casing.
  5. A change in pumping equipment that requires new holes or the sealing of existing holes, cracks or seams in the casing.
  6. Abandonment (sealing) of an existing private water system.

Registered Water Haulers

The Shelby City Health Department registers and inspects Water Hauling Companies that haul potable water from a public water supply to a private water system. There are two registered Water Hauler in Shelby.

  • John’s Water Hauling, 4192 Weidner Road
  • Shelby Water Service, 253 West Main Street

To register your water hauling company with the city, click here.

Backflow Prevention and Cross-Connection Control

If a potential or actual cross-connection contamination hazard is identified, the water supply users will be required to eliminate the hazard and/or install an appropriate backflow prevention device at the service connection and/or at the hazard.  Click here for more information.


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