Food Safety

A major function of Shelby City Health Department’s Environmental Health program is inspection and licensing of food service/retail food operations in the city. State regulations require that each retail food operation be licensed and inspected by the health department. The department also responds to food safety complaints submitted by the public.

Licensed food service operations include restaurants, vending machine locations, mobile and temporary food service operations (such as food trucks). There are two types of retail food operation: Food Service Operations (FSO) or Retail Food Establishments (RFE). A food service operation is a site or location where food is served or prepared in individual portions and sold for a charge or required donation. A retail food establishment is a location where food is stored, processed, or prepared for retail sale. See the link posted below for the most current detailed definitions of food safety operations.

Temporary food licenses are required for any facilities that will be in operation for one to five days. These temporary operations are often found at local festivals, fairs, auctions, and other events and sell or accept donations for food for a temporary period of time. If you are planning to sell food to the public for a limited time even, contact the health department at least 72 hours prior to the event to obtain the necessary license.

Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code

Other Inspections

The health department is responsible for inspecting and licensing a variety of local businesses, including body art facilities and public swimming pools. The department also ensures that all public and private schools have a safe and clean environment that is conductive to learning. This includes playground inspection and any food facilities present in the school.

Food Safety Training

Shelby City Health Department is an approved provider/proctor of ServSafe Level One and Level Two Food Safety exams. These courses are mandated for personnel who work in food service environments.

Level One certification in food protection is mandated for the person in charge per shift of risk level I, II, III, and IV food service operations or retail food establishments in the following instances:

  • New facility is opened
  • Facility has been implicated in a foodborne disease outbreak
  • Facility has documented a failure to maintain sanitary conditions.

Level Two certification in food protection is a more extensive course for the food manager. Level III and IV operations must have Level Two certification for at least one supervisory.

Exam vouchers can be purchased through To sit for the exam, you must provide verification that you completed the 16-hour ServSafe course in person or online. The exam fee is $25 for Shelby residents and $50 for non-residents, payable the day of the exam. Contact the health department to schedule your exam.


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